Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kettle Update

After we fixed up our kitchen, the old burnt kettle instantly started leaking. Just a weird coincidence or not (I'm looking at you, landlord!), trying to find a gas stove kettle to replace this one is not an easy task.

I just love so many of the kettles I find, but unfortunately my pocket can't say quite the same. Here's a roundup of some that are too irresistible:

1. Le Creuset Classic Demi is a great classic but I don't really like the plastic handle $81.70
2. Stainless Steel Pour Over kettle must be great for brewing coffee and one of my favourites $70
3. Tetsubin Ikenaga kettle is absolutely out of my price range, but really pretty $450
4. Staub Square cast iron kettle $109.99
5. Glass kettle so I can see when the water is about to boil $34

1. Poketo Japanese Enamel is simple, traditional and I love it so much $125
2. Collapsible kettle, for those camping trips that i expect to happen some day £29.95
3. Picquot Magnalium is cast in one solid piece and leakage sure wouldn't be a problem $275
3. Bonjour porcelain tea kettle $36.89
5. Staub Round cast iron kettle, the cousin of the squared one $129.99

I had a love-at-first-sight affair with these vintage David Douglas Flameproof glass coffeepots. Although I can't find much more information about it, one will very likely make its way to our kitchen, either as a coffeepot or a kettle, since they can handle gas stoves...

1. Pinecone/Woodland Douglas Flameproof $12.00 (is this one with the matching cups too much?)
2. Gold Drops with the most amazing handle and a warming stand $29.99
3. Golden Rings design (the rings show the amount of liquid) with warming stand $32.95
4. Gold Snowflakes Douglas Flameproof $7.50
5. Gold Wheat David Douglas Flameproof coffeepot $14.74

Funny thing. While browsing for the Le Creuset kettle, Google and  Ikea sneaked this very misleading link at the top of the search results. 

I can only dream of a day Ikea sells Le Creuset cookware at Ikea prices.