Friday, February 01, 2013


I've never been much of a motorcycle person, but inspired by the tiny dots of light that are finally hitting our window, I've been searching for all things summer.

We have considered buying an electric scooter to be able to go to beaches and parks and so Pau can get to work more easily.

I have absolutely no idea on anything vehicle related and all the facts and information about the bikes mean close to nothing to me but I have gathered some of the motorcycles that I would buy if money wasn't that much of an issue.

These are only some scooters that we could actually own. The vintage Vespas and Lambrettas are nothing but dream material.

The Motorino XPd is one of my favorites. Its heavy duty looks make it seem less toy-like than most of the other Electric Scooters I've seen (on internet pictures!). From what I understood it's also a bit more potent than most others and I think it might be necessary to register it, pay for insurance and have a regular driver's license, which is a bit of a problem for Pau.

This one took me a little bit to find again. Gio has one model that is called "Gio Italia", and from the looks of this one, I was sure it was it. But no, this one is called MG500w+, the Italia doesn't have a vintage two-color design. It also looks faster, so it might require license and registration just like the Motorino, which is a no no.

Since we're already on the "license and registration" scooters, I really love the Vespa meets Mobylette look of the Honda Spree from the 80's and I found some cheap used ones, but unfortunately I was completely out of focus when I searched for it, 'cause it's definitely not what we need, I guess. It's also not electric.
On that note, the Honda Gyro X from japan also looks like a really really nice and weird 3 wheeled scooter I'll never have.

But I'm more and more inclined into finding a cheap electric bike sort of like a moped. Cheap, simple, light and easy. I wish I could find a Mobylette.

Can't find anything I really like for really cheap somewhere close by, but I wouldn't complain not even a bit to get something like this electric Chinese TaoTao, which is ugly but seems like the best option until now.

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