Saturday, June 22, 2013


We always have our daily dosis of streaming tv here at our house, but for the last few months we had been struggling to find something that could hook us for real.

After a long period of searching, we downloaded the first 3 seasons of Boardwalk Empire and have watched the first two in about a week or so, but as always, good things come in three (or four) and now we have a ton of shows to watch and almost not enough time.

Apart from the 3rd season of Boardwalk Empire, the new season of Wilfred just premiered this week, two episodes in a row, but that is not the greatest. The greatest is Un Principe Para Corina!

Oh my! oh my! It has been a while without watching thrash tv and I guess there's nothing like a good manipulated Spanish reality show to get brainwashed late at night. 24 weirdos competing for a bland blonde's love, in the best Bachelorette style possible, as funny as it can be. There's a vampire, a nerd rapper, a christian body builder, a guy with thousands of plastic surgeries, a porn lover chinese-basque guy, a dog loving cop... We are hooked! Hooked! It's all in Spanish, but you can watch it here.

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