Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating in Vancouver Vol.1: The Naam

The Naam is a pretty easy choice for us. It's vegetarian, on our street (the busses go from door to door), it's good and it is 24 hours. The Naam and the japanese restaurant close by are our to go restaurants for when we don't feel very creative to try someplace new. We even went there on new years eve, after getting bored at a house party!

I guess it's the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, located in a very hippie house, with aweful live music sometimes in the evening. The menu is huge and pretty eclectic, which makes it even easier to just go there and decide what kind of food you want to eat later. They have burritos, burgers, pizza, pasta, asian noodles, vegetable bowls, nachos, hot dogs... most of it with a hippie twist (the pizza is in a pitta bread, the hot dogs are wrapped in chapati...) but really really tasty.

They also substitute the real cheese for vegan Daiya on any item. Even though I'm not vegan, the dragon bowl with vegan cheese is one of my favourites, and their miso gravy is crazy good!

This is just the dinner/lunch menu. For breakfast they have a special menu that includes one of the best vegan sausages I've ever had, made in house!

We went there yesterday and we had a Milano quesadilla platter and an Asian noodle bowl to share. Servings are huge!

I though we had more pictures from other meals we had there, but it turns out that if we had any, they were in Pau's stolen computer, so here are some shots from Geoff Peters from Dine out here Vancouver:

The Naam is on 2724 West 4th avenue and it's well worth the ride.

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